Surf Forecast Guide

The surf forecast has been designed to make it as quick as possible to decide when and where to surf. The QUICKVIEW gives a quick summary of the best surf on each of the next 7 days. If a day looks promising, just click on that day for more information in the DEEPDIVE.


The surf quality is determined from an algorithm that looks at wave height, wave interval, wave direction, wind direction and wind speed.

Go for green! The surf quality ranges in colour from grey (flat/poor) to bright green (epic!), like this:

World class surf: Solid, long-distance swells with light winds.
Good quality surf everywhere: solid, lined-up swells and fairly light winds.
Average quality surf at exposed beaches. DEEPDIVE gives the best sheltered spots for the conditions.
Stormy or messy surf. DEEPDIVE gives the best sheltered spots for the conditions.
Too small to surf.

Surf Height

We've tried to make the surf height as easy and useful as possible. Rather than giving a range of surf heights, like "4-8ft", we keep it tight with just one number, the set wave height.

There's a lot of variation in how different people call the wave height so to even things out, our surf forecasts are based on an average of lots of surf reports from many different people. As a rough guide, 1ft is knee high, 2ft is waist high, 3ft chest high, 4ft head high, 6ft head and a half, 8ft double overhead.

The important thing is not exactly what someone might call the surf height, but that the surf height forecast is consistent and useful.